Crazy Cavemen

Category: Animation Client: Silver Fox
Once upon a time, a millions years ago, there was a prehistoric volcanic island in the middle of an unnamed ocean.

On one side of the island, in the rocky caves at the foot of the volcano, lives a small tribe of prehistoric cavemen.
They are crude, primitive and impetuous and yet very innocent as if they are children discovering the world for the first time. The group has all the ingredients of a typical school classroom with characteristic such as Bully, Geeky, Cheeky, Nervous, Clever, Greedy, Hyperactive.
They live life with full on exuberance and unbridled enthusiasm. That's why they are called the CRAZY CAVEMEN.

On the other side of the volcanic island, in the steamy hot rainforest, live the dinosaurs.
There is one dinosaur for which hunting is a big challenge. In fact, he can't even catch a cold.
For a velociraptor, this is very unusual. His name ROGER RAPTOR and his single goal in life is to enjoy a cavemen for lunch, Roasted cavemen, poached cavemen or event sushi cavemen. He isn't fussy.

For the cavemen, life is one crazy mad journey of discovery of their brand new world, but so Roger Raptor, it is one long desperate struggle to catch a cavemen.

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