Noksu Series

Category: Animation Client: Evergreen Productions
NOKSU is a 65 x 5" series available in English, French and very soon in neutral Spanish.
Books derived from the series will shortly be available together with a range of merchandise.

NOKSU is the kind of character whom things just happen to. His natural curiosity combined with his extrovert character lead him from one adventure to another, and wherever NOKSU goes he is sure to bump into one of his friends.
His quick-witted best friend Nupi shadows him everywhere, and along with Betty, who is also in the complicated business of growing up, they learn something new every day.

NOKSU is in the final stages of production with most of the episodes now completed.
Based on books by Mikko Kunnas the show was originally developed as a 2D series, but times have changed so when Evergreen Productions and Lumine Studio took over as the main production company, it was re-designed in CGI.

NOKSU means Be Yourself, which is what our hero learns to be. But along the way he also learns to think of others. Things are always easier if you do them together is a central message.
Don't be greedy or selfish, impatient or grumpy.NOKSU may be learning about life's ups and downs, but he's mostly having lots of fun with his friends; Betty Beaver, Nupi, Mrs Hen, Baby Egg, Monty Mole, Dr OK, Buster and Charlie Croc.
The characters are all animals, but they behave like children, so audiences all over the world will have no difficulty equating with them.

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