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Appreciation piece from Lumine Studio to Drs. Suyadi on his amazing works called "UNYIL"
A longtime Indonesian children's television series, started in 1981 about the eponymous main character whose typical Indonesian family lives in a rural area.

Although it was meant to entertain children, the story of Si Unyil contained hidden messages of patriotism, nationalism, health, the environment, the armed forces, the family planning, art and culture. There were, of course, children fantasy, such as folk stories, fables and fairy tales.

All characters in the Si Unyil are hand puppets with the physical appearances of ordinary Indonesian faces. Traditional touch is strongly apparent in the show, from the suit of every characters to the stories that dealing with everyday life.

Characters are divided into "good" and "bad" ones, where a group of three young children (Unyil and his two friends) as good, while three other children as bad boys. Conflicts often arouse between the two groups with the ending always with a message to become a good children.

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