Category: Animation Client: Redkite Animation
One of our most ambitious project in our History.
A 26 x half hour animated television series for 6-10 year old girls that centers around the life of Wendy and her friends.

This is what Wendy, the new animated series, has in store for pre-teen girls. It celebrates their love of horses and gives them teenage heroine they can really relate and look up to.
The series focuses on Wendy and the extraordinary, aspirational life she leads in her equestrian-centric world. At 15, she's already an accomplished show-jumper. Luckily for her, She lives at Rosenborg - the stables, riding school and stud farm, owned and operated by her father - where there are always horses galore!

It's in this unique milieu that Wendy and her horse-loving friends get involved in many of their adventures. The equestrian world is hotbed of intrigue. Life around the stables is full of gossip, romance, rivalries and great camaraderie. Riding competitions are where dreams and friendships can be made or crushed. And anyone who knows horses knows how exciting and unpredictable they can be. Then again, so are teenagers!

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